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asphalt and a huge hole, damage caused by the break in the 20-inch water main. >> baltimore city records show they installed as water main back in 1889. >> 1889? that was quiet and long time ago. >> as the city public works department works on fixing this, you never know when the line is going to explode. >> the problem may not happen again for another century. the water main break created chaos for some businesses and they remained sought -- shut for much of tuesday. >> the lady from the health department says we do not have water so we could not be open. we had to shut down. >> they shut you down? >> they shut us down. >> installing temporary pipes, they're working to get the water flowing to buildings. this manager said it was a perfect opportunity to offer a water main break specials. >> we have a lot of people just coming by to check it out. we're hoping to get extra business from the workers that are around here. the impact on transportation is tremendous. these are two major city blocks. traffic officers are trying to assist motorists 30 tours and changing water -- traffic problem
there's a break in this 20-inch water main. >> baltimore city records show this was laid back in 1989. >> is the city public works department focuses on replacing the swelling quillon the entire street right now. this is mostly holland. >> their concern about this street and they're trying to get rid of both of these water mains of this will not happen again. these remain shut for much of tuesday. >> they're working to get the water flowing into businesses again. this manager said it was the perfect opportunity to offer water main break special to try to bring in patients. >> we're hoping to available but of business from the workers out here. >> the impact on transportation is tremendous likely close to lombard, two major city blocks. they're trying to exist -- assist with changing traffic patterns and rush-hour is a major concern. >> there used to be all of these rounds to go. it is going to be mayhem, i think, coming out of work tonight. >> the department of public works think it will take approximately three weeks to get this block back in order. as mentioned, traffic is a
. >> when asked about the upcoming baltimore grand prix, the mayor is confident the city will be able to handle the event. you can buy your tickets for the grand prix of baltimore. the new race operators announced ticket sales and introduced new ticket sponsors. andretti sports step into ever see the race. >> a local lawmaker is taking steps to shake things up. councilman bill henry introduced four bills which include charter amendments which would shrink the number of votes needed to overturn a mayoral veto and allow the council to get money to the budget if they do not approve the spending plan. >> baltimore city has a strong system of government. sometimes the council cannot do what people think the council should be able to do. retail sales are down for a third straight month as the economy seems to be slipping. brian mooar tries to answer that in the report from washington. >> >> an economic pulse check. lawmakers are quizzing ben bernanke as they get ready for an epic showdown. >> they're ready to go out on the fiscal cliff if they do not get their way. >> i will continue this d
sunset...//. the... search... resumes tom'w. 3 baltimore city police...need your help... fighting back.../ investigating... a ...triple shooting... this morning... in... north baltimore... that... left... one person dead. police say... two suspects ... entered... a home... near lothian... and... turnbridge road.../ the... suspects... then shot... three people... inside the home..../ a,... male victim... was shot in the head.../ he... later died..../ no... word ...on the condition... of... the other... two victims.... .or... the whereabouts of the suspects. baltimore police... arrest ...32- year- old... eras-mo... sandobal... and... 30- year- old... alberto ramos...//for... a shooting... at... a... southeast baltimore bar...//.it... happened saturday ... at... the "rancho blanco".... on... south fagley street.../.police... say... the 2... entered the bar.. / then... shot the victim...//. one... man... was detained... in... the bar.../ the... other ... ran away..../ th
a problem with 9-1-1 calls ttat has gone largely unnoticed. unnoticed. 25"26"baltimore city fire department is one of the busieet departments in the couutry"at the old town firee pouse on gay streetinside one of the bussest fire comppnies in the city.truck 6 prepares to saddle up...and move oot. repsonding to a calllffo help....as a hot july day turns into an oven.but even as thh city struggles to keep up with demand for emerrency servicesa&.there's a lingering problem that puts these trucks...and the people falss calls26:23"one of the types of calls we respond to, the ddsposstion turns ouu to that aren't urgent at all. pleas for eep, thattare simply not serious. 26:27"when a firefighter or paramedic responds to the scene, they incident"and according tt these figurrs obtained by fox that continues to plague the citylasy yeara&. the fire deparment responned to 1000 calls for iresa&that didn't exiit.and even more trrubling for emergency medical services that werr also classified s false.pleas for help where the victim could not be found..orrsimply wasn't injured.that's thouuands f bogus
to add money. >> of baltimore city has a very, very strong mayor. it is so strong, sometimes the council cannot do what the people think they should be able to do. >> they consider a major auditing of every city at least every four years. this investigation into a small plane crash. they tell that one person is dead and the suffering injuries. montgomery county fire officials said a crash happened a. but according to witnesses, it went down just after takeoff. they say the plane was a flying lesson. >> we are at it again. how many times is this now? we have another heat wave going on. it is not quite as humid as it was yesterday, but i am sure that is not any comfort to you. about 8 miles per hour. again, the humidity is not out of control. they expect the humidity to go up tomorrow. >> we'll check back with you then. still ahead on 11 news at noon, a shooting at a crowded alabama of bar. plus, the president's competitors taking a shot. competitors taking a shot. >> at least 11 people were hit by gunfire inside a crowded bar in alabama. the incident may be related to an earlier shooting
in baltimore city. a huge project and until we can come up with that cash we will have to live with these disruptions. they sent a pipe diver in the to identify a problem in southwest baltimore but the mayor says it is like sticking your finger in a leak. kerry cavanaugh, wbal tv 11 news. work,ker's continue to you are urged to avoid this area. >> find their way, take the metro, take the light rail from the north, -- >> and here is a closer look at the streets you do not want to be near tomorrow. the department of transportation tell us we are -- where st. paul is closed from lombard street. with the exception of the far left turn rlane, orders will be directed to turn left. stick with 11 news for continuing coverage on the impact of this water main break. we hall of the latest the taurus with traffic beginning at 5:00 a.m. -- detours with traffic beginning at 5:00 a.m. and local lawmaker is taking steps to balance the power of city government. he introduced four bills tonight including charter amendments that would pare the number of members down and shrink the votes needed to
. >> a local government overhaul to shake things up in baltimore city government. bill henry introduced four bills which would cut the council down to nine and allow the council to add money to the council if it does not approve the mayor's spending plan. >> baltimore city has a strong system of government. sometimes the council cannot do what people think the council should be able to do. >> >> the federal aviation administration will resume its investigation into a small plane crash in montgomery county. one person is dead. the crash happened just before 7:30 on monday night at davis airport in laytonsville. the plane rolled over and went down just after takeoff. now an update. one man is dead and two other people are recovering after a triple shooting. this happened on a monday morning. investigators said two men forced their way into a home. three people were shot. a woman survived and is reported in good condition. >> a milestone announcement. the fda has approved a drug intended to prevent the virus that causes aids. it can be used as a preventive drug for people at risk. >> 5:37. 74 d
. >> this is millions of dollars for the state of maryland fork prince george's county and baltimore city. >> reporter: baker wants governor o'malley to call a special session of the legislature in order to expand the number of gaming sites in maryland from five for six and put that new casino at the national harbor in prince george's. >> i feel like progress is being made. >> reporter: but the governor won't call a special session at least until he has agreement from house leaders like speaker michael bush who has said he doesn't think expanded gambling would pass right now. the governor is prying to ease political rivalry among competing counties by creating a new gambling commission which would decide on things like gaming tax rates. >> perhaps now, there is the opportunity for the house leadership to coalesce around their leader and, if so, we could get this done, i think, and in pretty short order. >> reporter: while we can't tell you if or what governor o'malley would call a special session on gambling, what we can tell you is that not everybody is on board with this idea especially the people w
million dollars ...in... environmental benefits. 3 a big salute today to a retired baltimore city police officer.... jeff abell shows us why he's being honored years after leaving the force, jeff.... more than a half-century ago, james dixon made military hhstory when he became one of the first african americans to join the ranks of the u-s marines. he was honored in washington last month and today, the former city police sergeant was honored here. 3 3 --clapping nats--- nats--- dixon served more than three decades on the city's police force..... but before he became a police officer....he served in world war two as one of the montford point marines..... that was the name of the segregated campsite for the marines first black recruits.... and even though they battled racism and segregation within the military.... james dixon says the marines was the only place he wanted to be. "if they put me in the navy, i was going awol. because, i wasn't serving any food or scrubbing any decks on any ships or serving food to anybody, that's not my format. i saidd 'i'll go to
. baltimore city reporting more than any other jurisdiction. >> the danger is with day after day after day of high heat, the most vulnerable of us in the community are even more vulnerable, so that includes the elerly folks with underlying health conditions and it's critical for them to be in cool spaces to stay hydrated. >> reporter: hydration is the key for survival for anyone working outdoors. roofers baking in the sun up to 103 degrees, part of the reason why they alternate their schedules. >> start in the morning. drink a lot of water and gatorade. >> reporter: the higher you go, the hotter it is. >> we take turns, go back and forth. he comes down, gets in the shade for a bit and then i go back up and take turns. it helps out a lot. >> reporter: it's the kind of heat having some carrying umbrellas for shade and others whatever they can. >> i get a slurpee until it cools down. that's it. >> reporter: so many people with their air conditioners right now that it actually becomes a drain on the power. b.g.e. have a peak rewards program that could have their air conditioners cycled on and
of maryland, millions of dollars for prince george's county and baltimore city. >> reporter: baker wants governor o'malley to call a special session of the legislature in order to expand the number of gaming sites in maryland from five to six and put that new casino at the national harbor in prince george's. >> i feel like progress is being made. >> but the governor won't call a special session at least until he has agreement from house leads are like speaker michael bush who has said he doesn't think expanded gambling would pass right now. the governor is trying to ease political rivalry among competing counties by creating a new gambling commission which would decide on things like gaming tax rates. >> perhaps now, there is the opportunity for the house leadership to coalesce around their leader and, if so, we could get this done, i think, in pretty short order. >> reporter: now, while we can't tell you if or when governor o'malley would call a special session on gambling, what we can tell you is not everybody is on board with this idea, especially the people who have invested millions
report extreme heat contributed to the deaths of 23 people in maryland, baltimore city reporting more than any other jurisdiction. >> almost everyone of those heat related deaths have been people ages 65 and older, which is why health officials says the so important to check on elderly family members and neighbors. >> when we are over heated, our hearts have to work harder, our lungs have to work harder, and it is harder to catch up, and get to your normal baseline when we have extended days of heat. >> reporter: it is also a cruel summer for road crews working with hot asphalt. >> feels like you are in an oven coming from the top and bottom. >> reporter: they know the worst will be yet to come. >> a lot of hot days lately probably more to come, come august. >> reporter: that is for sure. it is going to get worse likely, later on this summer. local hospitals, report a spike in emergency room visits every time, the temperatures climb like this, so these guys back here in the pool have the right idea back to you in studio. >> you have earned an opportunity to get wet yourself cool off.
for water to buckle one of baltimore's busiest city streets. sky eye chopper 13 is over the water main break downtown where crews are continuing to make repairs this noon. wjz is live with complete coverage. captain jeff long is in sky eye chopper 13. let's check in with michael shu who's on the ground with more on these repairs. good afternoon. >>reporter: good afternoon. this is the close we've been able to get to. there is the hole. it is enormous. an alfe bet soup of agencies and hired help have determined how tightly woven is the underground utilities underneath this asphalt. it turns out the job is going to be lengthy, costly and huge. before dawn a wounded city lay exposed under harsh lights. if at rush hour monday you looked down at our modern world, you'd see the path and it's haunting us. it's likely, the city says, benjamin harrison was president when the now broken pipe was laid underground. >> this main laid probably 1890. >>reporter: the blanket of asphalt lies creased and folded, deep inside this hole, even bigger holes and voids, a cave formed underground from curb to curb.
for prince george's county and baltimore city. >> governor owe mamie says he won't call a special session -- o'malley says he won't call a special session until he has an agreement from house leaders they will consider expansion. he is set to meet with the house speaker and general assembly president tomorrow. >>> now a story of hope and determination, it's almost impossible for a laurel man with cerebral palsy to maneuver his motorized wheelchair around the house he shares with his mother. a local church is helping out by raising money for an addition. fox 5's karen gray houston has their story. >> reporter: cerebral palsy is a muscular condition which may slow brent ditman down, but he's not letting it stymie his development. >> i don't look at it as having a disability. i just look at it as making myself more of a regular person. >> reporter: but he's bumping into walls with his wheelchair, has difficulty navigating into the kitchen and bathroom. >> in order for me to access the bathroom, i have to get my chair just right. >> reporter: it's been tough on his mom trying to lift him
>>> this is wjz tv, wjz hd, and wjz.com, baltimore. >> from the city to the counties to your neighborhood, now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >>> downtown drenched, a water main break at the height of rush hour flooding baltimore's busiest streets. >> i seen the pothole lifting up out of the air. the ground starts cracking in pieces. >> the danger, the gridlock, and the emergency repairs under way. >> hello, everybody. >> here's what people are talking about tonight. >>> an infrastructure nightmare tonight. crews are trying to clean up from a major water main break. there is a lot of work to do and it could be days before downtown is back to normal. >> reporter: things like bus service, buss came, but they were so late a lot of people gave up and walked. by comparison, this was a relatively small main compared to other water main breaks, but it is causing big problems. chopper 13 is over a 20-inch water main that drenched downtown. it sent thousands of gallons of water and sandy dirt gushing into the street. >> it looks terrible. it's like a bad mo
in downtown baltimore. it happened right in the heart of the city. light street near plume bampletd a 20-inch water main break -- broke sending water gushing. roosevelt leftwich has the latest. >> reporter: this is the first work of what's going to be three weeks of work as they try to reconstruct a good part of light street. take a look you can see they're widening out the hole. this will be some of the first asphalt that you see turned over as they get ready to replace 700 feel the of road and pipe and everything under baltimore street -- under light street from baltimore to lombard to fix the leak and do an awful lot of other stuff. it doesn't do it justice. it's like an e rption of water. -- eruption of water. what's under the street has been washed away. that means three weeks of work to make it right. >> a contractor will basically dig up this entire street and replace those 20-inch water mains and that 10-inch water main which is parallel to it from -- i think it's from baltimore all the way down to lombard. once we replace those mains, we'll come back and close up the street, repave i
of dollars for the state of maryland. millions of dollars for prince george's county, baltimore city. >> governor o'malley says he won't call a special session until he has an agreement from house leaders. the assembly must take action by august 20th if it wants the issue to get on the november ballot. >>> still ahead, a major milestone today for the dulles rail project. >> and an approach to protect school children in fairfax county from predators. why some bus routes could be changing. >> team u.s.a. got off to a bad start last night. but ended strong. we're checking sports later. >> here's a live look outside. it is going to be a scorcher, folks. we'll get the latest weather from tucker, traffic from lauren in just a little bit. so stay with us for that. it's 7:11 right now. ould be our own is troubled mitt romney supports overturning roe versus wade. romney backed a law that outlaws all abortion -- even in cases of rape and incest. and that's not all. i'll cut off funding to planned parenthood. [ female announcer ] for women, planned parenthood means life-saving cancer screenings
. but in moderation. on the lower left. we see a topographic map from a satellite. what you see in red is the city of baltimore. places where the sunlight does not hit the ground because it is all paved. it is to make sure that every footfall is secure and you cannot pay a bit of attention to it. many of you have been doing it for quite a few years now. it is not good to sleepwalk through life. that way we don't have to worry about a thing. there is no bond on the floor. it is designed to be controlled and removed our brains of for having to worry about the details. i use google for an hour or two or three every day and my work and in my life. what a wonderful tool. it reduces exercise in thought through the momentary process of looking up information. we don't have to know where we are anymore. we can have someone tell us exactly where we are in the world. and we are also adding noise by the way we live our lives. we can compensate by trading in our brains in recovery direction and we can use technology to do that. how do you reverse age-related cognitive decline? you have to work on the skills a
-tv, wjz-hd and wjz.com, baltimore. from the city to the counties to your neighborhood, now is complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >>> 4:28. 98 degrees, mostly sunny. i'm vic carter. >> i'm denise koch. here's what's people are talking about. >> getting help from the organization to keep them safe from the summer olympics. reporting live from france. >> reporter: there will be unprecedented security when the olympics get under way in london and the international criminal police organization interpol will be keeping an eye out for trouble. >> the biggest threat people face is the possibility that there's some unknown trained terrorist. >> reporter: in france, the organization gathers intelligence for 190 countries and then police departments worldwide rely on interpol's database, fingerprints, and most wanted people. we were given a firsthand look at the situation room inside the headquarters. these people are on the terror suspect across borders and keeping track of lost passports, making sure they haven't fallen into the wrong hands. the staff monitors around the worl
police -- baltimore city police are looking into a deadly home invasion. three people shot. one man is dead, two others survive. police believe this is possibly drug related. so far there are no arrests. >>> if you dread waiting in line at the motor vehicle administration, maryland drivers under the age of 40 can renew online. in the future they will accommodate the vision test for drivers #40e -- 40 and older. stay with wjz 13. do you see it ? there it is ! there it is ! where ? where ? it's getting away ! where is it ? it's gone. we'll find it. any day can be an adventure. that's why we got a subaru. love wherever the road takes you. wow, there it is. ♪ >>> welcome back to "cbs this morning." from where to live to how to spend your money there is a lot to know about being retired. >> executive editor ken budd of the magazine of "aarp" tells us the top five things everyone needs to know. welcome. >> good to be here. thanks for having me. >> so this is what you're telling us is what we need to know about being retired. >> exactly, right. >> so, what do we need to know
issue for the next three weeks is traffic. traffic all over this city down from lombard to baltimore street. everything is being directed around this intersection where the break occurred. there will be a lot of delays not only for motorists buts will the bus travelers. we'll update you on the delays and what the city will do coming up at the top of the hour at 6:00. reporting live, roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. >> we look forward to seeing that. >>> the water main break is located in one of the busiest traffic areas in the city. with so many events scheduled for the next three weeks, you have to wonder how much of an obstacle it will be. brian kuebler has more on what you can expect. >> reporter: when talking about the downtown water main break, this is the money shot. as crews work for a projected three weeks to fix it, the hope is the bigger events planned in and around baltimore don't get washed away. >> for this water main break think about it. we don't want you to stay home. >> reporter: it is manageable. >> it is manageable. >> reporter: she helps organize the 31st annual thr
. >>> it's going to -- the city is beginning to prepare for the baltimore grand prix. you can buy tickets at 58 dollars for the saturday races and 95 dollars for sunday -- 85 dollars for the saturday races and 95 dollars for the sunday race. time to start the 5:00 hour. >>> now, good morning maryland." >> breaking news out of canada a shooting at a backyard barbeque leaves two dead and 19 people injured. why the investigation is going on and where it stand this morning. >> reporter: things are a mess downtown from the massive water main break. what it means for your commute and how long before things get back to normal. [ no audio interest station ] >> it's tuesday july 17th. good morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. thanks for joining us. a whole lot to talk about. but one of the big stories is the heat. >> that's going to be big and continuing. lynette charles is outsidegiving us a taste of what's going on. people planning for the day how bad will it be? >> out here today, temperatures i am forecasting around 98. so close to 100. a lot of spots will hit 100s. but today w
, "as unemployment climbed and tax revenue fell the city of baltimore laid off employees and cut services in the midst of the financial crisis. its leaders now say the city's troubles were aggravated by bankers' manipulation of this key interest rate linked to hundreds of millions of dollars the city had borrowed." so there are real world -- >> there are absolutely real world consequences to this. there are counterparties through all these swap transactions which is what they were trying to manipulate, and those counterparties were being hurt by it, absolutely. it's shocking. it should be punished very severely. and i think there probably is going to be more information coming out about it so i think it's just starting, i don't think it's over. >> you say they should be punished, but the justice department the other day in this settlement with barclays let the bank off if it paid the fine. so thadoesn't suggest severe punishment. does it? >> well, you know, i think another thing that troubles me about all the enforcement actions that are brought, and there haven't been enough of
to the north and west. all of us hot today. all of us well into the mid- to upper 90s. i think the big cities here, washington, baltimore, getting awfully close to 100 late are this afternoon. we are expecting a quiet weather pattern today as far as showers and thunderstorms. not really in the forecast today. high pressure building in from the west and that spells just a fairly quiet weather pat were here. maybe some high cloudiness this afternoon. that will be about t hook how quiet. we don't have any shower or thunderstorm activity across the eastern third of the country at this hour. we are not expecting any later. we'll be quiet today. as we get into tomorrow, another hot one for you for your wednesday but by tomorrow, late in the afternoon, tomorrow night, some shower and thunderstorm activity will arrive in the form a cold front and some of those storms could be strong so we've got to look out for that late in the day tomorrow and than a cooldown here. here is your five-day forecast. then a cool downfor the end of the week. 99 today, plenty of heat, plenty of haze out there. tomorrow, 9
counties and the city of baltimore. supporters want to allow tables like blackjack in addition to the slot machines and there's a push to authorize a sixth casino site, possibly at national harbor. the governor could call a special session to address the gaming within the next few weeks. >>> so far there is mixed reviews when it comes to dominion virginia power's customers. a rate hike took effect yesterday when a new dominion plant in southwest virginia started operating. that increase works out to about $1.30 extra per month for a typical residential customer. however, dominion says the additional adjustments are being worked out with state regulators and those could drop the average bill by more than $4 starting in september. >>> the time right now is 5:34. i'm watching your money and the job market. one of the lingering tolls of the great recession has been on unemployment. with so many people out of work young people are having the hardest time finding a job. >> reporter: at 19 years old, she's already endured hardship. a foreclosure had her bouncing from house to house for three year
city. he had a baby to left field. this is when they knew it would be a long night. they beat baltimore. the final there was 19-7. the redskins are taking the rockies through the classroom work. they are working on the field. there he is, rgiii second day dawning camp. it actually began july 26. he could not participate because of the contract situation. today we asked the receiver about rgiii missing time. >> he will be ready to go regardless of whenever he comes to camp. a lot of receivers went down to waco. we worked out with rgiii twice a day. things will get better. >> after their performance last night -- they want but they struggled. they came back from a 10 point deficit. everybody is down on this team saying they are not the dream team. you cannot question the effort by lebron james. i know he missed a dunk. he plays d. he kept usa in the game and performed extremely well. one other note, the was as today released andre baunche. they could not get a deal done under the new cba. they can let him go and release hampshire this i have to pay $23 billion but that does not count agai
has a very low voter turnout. look at all these other cities. new york may laurel, 2009. turnout, 11.4%. can you imagine? charlotte, north carolina, 2009, 4.3%. boston and baltimore, turnout in the low 20's. there are many more. you get the idea. september elections have a very low voter turnout. research has shown that the voters, in september elections, are primarily older, like me, more affluent, and predominantly white, like me. it reminds me of when you had to own property in order to vote. luckily, we have the chiu amendment, which is more likely to preserve turnout. having the original ranked- choice of voting in november makes sense. more people vote in november, which means more democracy. if there is no majority, you could have a runoff in december. when a candidate gets a majority in the november election, the cost of the second election is saved. do i have to stop? on a personal note, my father was involved in the civil rights struggle of the 50's and 60's. i grew up believing all americans are entitled to equal rights, including the right to vote. sometimes, you had to f
on this is actually going to be on cold spring in the city and the crash in baltimore county right in pikesville is going to be on millford mill and deerfield road. expect a lot of congestion on outer loop from liberty road towards root 40 and this is what it looks like in overl-ea at bel air road. outer loop nice and slow as you make the push up towards loch raven boulevard. that's the amount bc2 timesaver traffic. >>> investigators are looking into what caused a plane to crash in montgomery county killing one person. it went down near the davis airport last night. the pilot died at the scene and the other person on board was flown to shock trauma currently listed in critical condition. >>> bge will charge some you who lost power. bill stablation adjustment allows them to charge customers whether they had power or not for the first 24 hour period of the outage. if you went without power longer than day you won't be charged. on facebook this morning we are asking you about a new york shop now having dress codes for the customers. they say no sunglasses, no hats, and no hoodies. what do you think
to a high in the mid 90s. it's 74 right now. >>> here's what we have our eye on today, the city's child development services is expanding. a ribbon cutting is set for a new support center. >> a retired city police officer is being honored, james dixon will talk about receiving the congressional gold metal. >> baltimore county unvails its new cool trees program. >> will ever -- already in the news, a messy morning commute. crews continue to work to clean up a major water main break downtown. >> a fatal plane crash, details on the investigation. >> they are still searching, but we have new information on the search for a missing boat er. more news, first warning weather and your first traffic report of the morning in a couple of minutes. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone likes a bit of order in their life. virtual wallet helps you get it. keep track of spending, move money with a slide, and use the calendar. all to see your money how you want. ♪ [ horn honks ] ♪ oh, those were the best of days ♪ ♪ i still feel the summer rays ♪ that graced our backs as we went down the lan
. ((question of day animation)) piies.. from the 1890's burst in ddwntown baltimore.. and headaches this morning.ic - morniig.we wanna know... ggven the city's udgettproblems... should the ity pay to replace phe its water mainn? bmoren- bmore 3 heathhr- yes they should find takk sooof the lotto money or something.. maybe take 5% of all government wwrkers that pay for it.. it..leon- sell the video phones to pay for the pipes. them more to constantly repair it. it affects the business i to dig up the road to rrpair it. coming uu in ouu 8 o'clock become the mayor of a small --3 alaksa.and next... a new casino in marylaad.theechances it will happen.. aad where it watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. 3 look away. i'm... i'm hideous. ((bump in)) coming up in ur 8 o'clock &phour.. the grand prix....is just weeks away.tte changes to this year's race. to foolow a massive watermain break downtown.creww arrived what they're going to do to restoreewater to buildingss today... and why it's only a temporary fix. you''e watching fox 45 morring news.. all local.. all
working on a major water main break in downtown baltimore this morning. the 20 inch pipe break during yesterday's afternoon rush hour and sent thousands of gallons of water, sand and dirt flowing through city streets. the streets could remain shut down for days. drivers are asked to plan out an alternate route in advance. >>> investigators are on the scene of a fatal crash of a small plane in montgomery county. it went down just before reaching the runway last night. two people were on board, one is dead the other is in the hospital in serious condition. >>> this morning the search continues in hartford county for maszing edge wood man who disappeared while swimming in the bush river. rescue crews and dive teams from six agencies have been searching. the coast guard says 17 miles of water have already been searched with no sign of the missing man. >>> the search continues for a man wanted in a double shooting in a nail salon over the weekend. than pham has been charged in a warrant with multiple accounts. police say pham shot his estranged going and a male friend at the salon on satur
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